Choosing Us as Your Primary Care Physician

Preventative care is an important part of your healthcare routine to ensure that you are in your best health. This is done through routine health exams administered at Well-Being Medical Center. At this location, the staff is prepared to offer health consultations that prioritize your health goals. Dr. Ricardo Martinez is a primary care physician at his Naples, FL location and is available to help execute treatment plans that make it possible for patients to understand their health journey.

Mission and Services

As a part of the medical center’s mission, it is important for the staff and patients to safely work together to fulfill the vision of uncompromising excellence in medicine. Having a go-to primary care physician in Naples, FL is easy when you have a location that you trust. It is important to visit a medical center that has access to a physician that is esteemed and knows how to provide a wide range of services. At Well-Being Medical Center, patient health and satisfaction are a priority. Services offered at this location include:

  • Routine Exams - help ease patients' minds by making sure they are confident that their health is at a suitable level
  • Health Consultations - provide access to health professionals that can explain and provide possible treatment plans that the patient may find useful
  • Addiction Medicine - assist patients with counseling and prescriptions for dealing with substance abuse and other disorders while following guidelines and research
  • Urgent Care Services - fast access to care for minor injuries and illnesses without the need to visit a hospital or emergency room

On top of these services, having regular check-ups is important to maintain your health at an optimal level. Other services that are available include immunization appointments, women’s/men’s health exams, referrals to specialists, etc.

Next Steps and Expectations

To become a patient at this location, simply fill out the new patient form on the medical center’s website. The website also includes patient expectations and practical information you should know upon your visit to Well-Being Medical Center. It is always important to stay educated on your symptoms and continue to learn through the Patient Education section on the website. You can also learn more about staff on the website as well to familiarize yourself with this location.

As a part of a strong healthcare routine, make sure to visit your primary care physician annually. Visiting a physician on a routine will prevent health conditions from getting out of hand. Call (239) 315-7801 to contact the Well-Being Medical Center in Naples, FL. Your point of contact will be Dr. Ricardo Martinez who is available to assist you regarding the services that your primary care physician offers.