What Services Can A Primary Care Physicians Offer?

How your primary care physician in Naples, FL, can help protect your health

A primary care physician is one of the most important members of your healthcare team. The primary care physician is an expert at helping you achieve and maintain optimal health. Dr. Ricardo Martinez at Well-Being Medical Center in Naples, FL, provides a wide range of primary care medical services to help protect your health.

A primary care physician offers many important general medicine services and can help you by providing:

  • Regular check-ups–during a regular check- up, your primary care physician will do a comprehensive medical examination, check your vital signs including blood pressure and heart rate, and monitor your overall health.
  • Recommended immunizations–adults need immunizations to help prevent illness and disease. Some of the most common vaccines for adults include flu shots, pneumonia, shingles, and Covid.
  • Orders for necessary lab work–this can include blood tests for diabetes, high cholesterol, anemia, and other conditions and diseases.
  • Orders for necessary imaging studies-this can include routine x-rays, CT scans, MRI, and ultrasound.
  • Women’s health examinations including a routine gynecological examination and pap test. Your primary care physician can also help with hormonal fluctuations due to pregnancy and menopause. A breast cancer screening is also an important part of a women's health examination.
  • Men’s health examinations including a prostate exam to help prevent prostate cancer. Your primary care physician can also help to supplement declining hormone levels due to aging.
  • Referrals to specialists when necessary–your primary care physician is the gateway to treatment with a specialist if you are having heart issues, gastrointestinal issues, nervous, immune, or circulatory system problems.

You should plan on visiting your primary care physician at least once each year. Regular visits can help detect illnesses and conditions early when they are easily treated. Early detection is critical to providing the best outcome for you.

To learn more about the medical services your primary care physician provides, call Dr. Ricardo Martinez at Well-Being Medical Center in Naples, FL. You can reach him in the office by calling (239) 315-7801, so call today.