What To Ask Your Physician

Want to be in charge of your health? Start asking your physician questions to stay informed, so you can make decisions that'll optimize both your health and well-being. At Well-Being Medical Center, serving Naples, FL, and the surrounding area, we encourage our patients to ask questions to better understand their unique health problems and improve their well-being. And Dr. Richard Martinez is available to answer them accurately. But what kinds of questions should you ask?

Questions About Any Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic condition, make sure you ask your Naples, FL, physician what it is. It helps to know the possible complications as well as how serious the condition is. Additionally, ask about the treatment and how you can optimize your health despite this issue.

Inquiring About Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Many people are either under or overweight. Unfortunately, weight has a huge impact on overall health. So if you're struggling to reach and maintain a healthy weight, it helps to ask how you can achieve it. You'll not only feel better about yourself, but you'll find your health and well-being will improve. You'll also be less likely to experience long-term health problems in the future. 

Questions About Any Medications You're On

You're putting a drug into your body at least once, but possibly, more times. Therefore, you have every right to know how that medication works and what are any possible short and long-term side effects from it. Therefore, anytime you receive a prescription for a new medication or are currently taking a medication, ask your physician about it. 

Inquiries About Vaccinations

Vaccinations can help prevent serious illnesses that could hinder your ability to go to work and take care of your family for quite some time. Some can even lead to long-term consequences or be fatal. When it comes to vaccinations, the recommendations vary based on your location, gender, age, and lifestyle. Therefore, make sure you ask your physician which ones would benefit you the most, if any. 

Questions About Inherited Risk of Disease

Does it worry you that you could be at risk? Rather than panic, ask your physician about which conditions are hereditary and what your chances of developing them would be. You may find that genetic testing and precautionary measures can identify or reduce your likelihood. 

At Well-Being Medical Center, serving Naples, FL, and the nearby region, Dr. Martinez is helping patients in the region live long, healthy, happy lives. And it may just start with a question or two to our physician to help you better understand your health.

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